Who Gets the Pet(s) After a Relationship Breaks Up?

It is no secret that some relationships run their course sooner than those involved anticipate they will. In many such situations, people often worry about children and how the breakup may affect them; however, even when children are absent from the picture there might be others that may get overlooked: pets. Dividing up furniture and other material possessions can become a hassle; but deciding on who might take custody of the pets can get a bit more complicated as there might be strong emotional attachments involved. But the well-being of the animal(s) must be the priority since they have...

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Hungarian Dog Breeds

Hungary is not the most prolific producers of dog breeds, but they have some of the most striking specimens which are exclusively working or hunting dogs. Hungarian dog breeds range from the ancient to the more recent, but all have unique characteristics, and obsessively loved by fans. Komondor: The corded coat of the Komondor is what makes it easily stand out from almost any other breed of dog. The Komondor is a livestock guardian breed, and has been used by herders for centuries. Their ancestors are belived to have been brought into Hungary by the Cumans (a nomadic people),...

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Dog Paw Protection for Winter

Dog owners always wonder about the wellbeing of their pet, and make sure that she gets the best medical care, the best food, and the best and most comfortable place to rest; however, some may neglect to consider the need for protecting their dog’s paws from the harshness of winter cold. It does not commonly occur to dog owners that their pampered pooch may need protection against snow and ice. The real trouble arises in areas with heavy snow, where the cold is not the only problem—in areas where there are severe snow and ice on the road, local...

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German Dog Breeds

Germany has produced some of the most well-known breeds, and indeed some of the most popular breeds across the world. The country has produced mostly working and sporting dogs, which were bred to help people in their daily lives. As with is with every country and region, Germans have developed breeds that at the time were of necessity, and made the lives of people easier, whether aiding the hunt, guarding, or herding livestock. Due to this most of the German breeds are hardy, and intelligent dogs, that makes them highly desirable for dog owners, especially those with a lot...

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7 Basic Commands Every Dog Needs to Know

Dog ownership is a big responsibility. It can be fun and full of joy and excitement; however, making sure that your dog knows several important commands can make the entire experience more enjoyable and safe. It is not necessary for your dog to know a bunch of tricks to be happy and manageable, but rather some basic commands that it can follow and do so consistently. This can not only help avoid frustration on part of the owner, and make sure the dog stays out of harm’s way. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to doing the...

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