Chinese Dog Breeds

China has some of the oldest dog breeds, and these breeds were rarely seen outside of China before the late 16th century. Most of the Chinese dog breeds were developed as guardians, and personal companions, so they have a very distinct set of characteristics. Chinese Crested: The Chinese Crested is a hairless small dog breed, categorized in most kennel clubs as a toy breed. The breed comes in two varieties, the Powder Puff, and Hairless, both of which are part of the same litter. The hairless variety has a tuft of hair on its head, tail, and paws, and...

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Signs that Your Dog Might Be Depressed

Depression in people is a topic often discussed, and for good reason, as it can be a crippling condition for even the strongest of personalities. Unfortunately, the condition is not only limited to human beings, and animals can suffer from depression. Dog owners, generally, take great care of their pets, providing them with the best food, and all the comfort we can, so depression is not something we think about when it comes to our dogs. We give them everything they could need, and our love, so we don’t expect our dogs to have to deal with depression; however,...

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American Dog Breeds

Even though the US has not produced the most popular dog breeds, it still has strong contenders for some of the most interesting dog breeds. Most of the American breeds have their origins in the Old Continent, but have developed into their own fully-fledged breeds of dog. Alaskan Husky: Even though the Alaskan Husky is not considered to be a pure breed, it is still widely popular in the United States. It is a large dog breed, and was developed as a working (sled-pulling) breed, and is highly immune against the cold winters of Alaska (from where it originates). American Foxhound: A cousin of the English Foxhound, the American version is, similarly, a scent-hound which was developed for hunting foxes. It is a medium sized dog, is highly docile, and has a pleasant temperament. It is an easygoing breed, and makes a wonderful family pet, as it is great with children and other animals within the household. Black & Tan Coonhound: The Black and Tan Coonhound is a large sized dog which was produced by crossing a Bloodhound and Black and Tan Virginia Foxhound. It is a scent-hound and is mainly used for tracking prey. It makes an average pet, as its main strength is in the field as a hunting dog. Boykin Spaniel: A medium-sized dog, the Boykin Spaniel was bred for hunting wild turkey, and ducks in...

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Caring for a Dog in Heat

Female dogs that are intact (not spayed) go into heat roughly around once every six months. If you are not prepared for caring a dog that is in heat, the caring and dealing with the dog can be come problematic. The heat cycle lasts about three weeks, and those six weeks out of the year can be a tough time for all involved. So it is important to learn about what your dog will go through, and how to make those periods be as comfortable as possible for the dog, and consequently you and other members of the household. No Alone Time or Off Leash Walks: A dog in heat will seek out a mate, and male dogs will be drawn to her, so it is important to control her environment when she is in heat. A determined dog will try and jump the fence, or other dogs may scale your wall in an attempt to reach your dog. The same is true when walking your dog; in order to control her movements and keep her away from male dogs. If you have an outside dog, you should keep her in a crate for the duration of the crates, at times when you are not able to supervise her when she is outside. Pay Attention to Her: Giving your dog emotional support is just as important as making her...

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Dog Vitamins & Supplements

We love taking shortcuts, and vitamins and supplements are one such way we, as humans, go about your business of living a healthy life. Instead of eating a proper diet, we just stack our shelves with vitamins and supplements. We have the same approach when it comes to taking care of our animal companions. But are vitamins and supplements healthy for our dogs? A lot of dog and cats in the United State receive some type of vitamin or supplement in order to address conditions such as coat health, joint pain, shedding, and gastrointestinal health. But do our dogs really need them? And more importantly, are these supplements and vitamins safe for the overall health and well-being of your dog? Do Dogs Need Vitamins? If you are feeding your dog a commercially made food, then she is most likely receiving all the vitamins and nutrients it needs; however, more and more dog owners are switching to homemade dog food, which can result deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins, if owners do not properly study their dog’s needs, and make sure their homemade dog food provides for those needs. Is It Safe to Give Dogs Vitamins? If your dog eats a well-balanced diet of high quality dog food (commercial or homemade) that provides all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, then adding supplements to the diet can have a harmful impact...

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