How to Tell if Your Dog Respect You?

Having the respect of your dog, and being its pack leader is the most important thing in helping establish a healthy relationship between you and your pooch, and make the relationship as enjoyable and easy as possible. People often talk about how unconditionally their dog loves them; however, no matter how much love your dog shows you, it still does not mean that it respects you. Even though love between a dog and its owner is an important thing, having the respect of your dog will make showing your love to your dog easier, and more meaningful. So, let’s...

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French Dog Breed

France has produced some of the best known dog breeds love across the world. They range from small companion breeds, to hunting dogs, to working dogs. The great variety in dog breeds originating in France is owed to the fact that the French have been breeding dogs and developing breeds for a long time. Even though France has produced some of the best known breeds around the world, they have also produced many which are mostly known, only within France, or maybe the surrounding countries in Europe. Most of the hunting dogs from France are scent hounds, but there...

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What is Hanging Tongue Syndrome?

Hanging tongue syndrome, as the name suggests, is when a dog is unable to prevent its tongue from hanging out of its mouth at all times. A dog with its tongue handing out all the time may look cute, but it can be a sign of other serious health conditions. Hanging tongue syndrome is caused by some type of injury or trauma to the muzzle of the dog. The problem can also occur due to neurological problems, or malformed jaw, preventing the dog from being able to pull its tongue back in its mouth. Not being able to have...

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Shepherd Dog Breeds

Shepherd dog breeds are one of the oldest category of working dogs. They were developed to help shepherds with their flock. As a result of the type of job they were meant to do, shepherd dogs were bred to be highly intelligent, and physically capable. These traits make them some of the most popular breeds around the world. Shepherd dogs, also known as sheep dogs, come in two distinct varieties: herding dogs, and livestock guardian dogs. Herding dogs are used to help herd livestock, while guardians are meant to protect the herd from predators such as wolves and coyotes....

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What Is Fly Snapping Syndrome?

We have all seen our dogs snap at flies as they buzz around in the house or while outside; however, there is a similar behavior that some dogs display even in the absence of flies or any flying insects—they appear to be snapping or biting at imaginary flies. This behavior is not consistent, but often appears sporadically; but in can happen frequently, despite its sporadic nature. The snapping usually occurs when the dog is not engaged in any activity, and just snap randomly in the air. Other than the specific behavior, the snapping is not accompanied by any other...

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