dog on vet table after procedure

The majority of pet owners do not have any kind of coverage for their cat or dog. If there is ever a health problem or a concern, they usually go to the vet and pay out of pocket for any treatments of medications their pet may require. This is the case because having insurance for a pet seems almost unnecessary and certainly is an unwanted, unexpected expense that pet owners face. However, there are compelling reasons why someone should consider investing in insurance

  1. It is wise to plan for the future. No one ever thinks disaster will strike, or that difficulties will fall upon them out of the blue. But the whole purpose for getting insurance is to guard against unexpected disasters which could occur. Just consider a moment, if a medical emergency were to take place, would you be prepared to cover the costs? Or would your cat or dog have to suffer indefinitely because of your lack of funds? It would be better to set aside some emergency money as a safety net for the possibility for future catastrophes.
  2. Having insurance is the responsible choice. If you live in high-risk areas (such as a city with busy streets, or around known predators in a rural district), you are subjecting your pet to potential accidents or harm, without any plan or budget in place to help get him the assistance needed. Though health coverage is easy to overlook in favor of other priorities, insuring your pet or at least having a disaster savings is the responsible thing to do. Negligence or irresponsibility in this area could be life-threatening for the pet and heartbreaking for you.
  3. It can be cost effective. The out-of-pocket costs for veterinary visits are on the rise, and repeatedly having to foot the bill can be tedious. Most insurance companies will help cover their member’s costs through reimbursement. Additionally, some plans boast that their rates come to about $1 a day, making them affordable for the majority of people. However even if other insurance plans end up being more expensive, there is nothing worse than having pet surgery bills or medical treatment costs hanging over your head. There are an abundance of stories about pet owners have come home to find their dog unresponsive, and having taken them to the vet discovered the creature required immediate surgery to save its life. When you get a medical bill for $5-10,000, having insurance cover 80% of it would actually save money in the long run! Insurance will also keep you from having to spend money in your personal accounts or deplete your family savings.
  4. There are plenty of choices and flexible options offered by insurance companies. Most companies reimburse vet checkups, and even allow you to see your vet of choice! For multiple-pet households, some insurance packages even offer discounted rates. Many companies have rules in place that prohibit them from discriminating against any breed, age, or even “pre-existing conditions.”
  5. Pet insurance may save the life of your dog or cat. Having pet insurance in place when you are called upon to make split-second decisions could mean the difference between life and death. By having the financial means to provide for your pet, you are very likely extending his life and years of companionship. That is worth every penny!
  6. Getting insurance will give you peace of mind. Whether your pet is large and disaster-prone, small and vulnerable, or powerful and at times unpredictable, having him insured will ensure that you have peace of mind. Even if there are years when the insurance is never required, you will be so thankful to have coverage should the need arise.