Naturally Improving Arthritis

Green-lipped mussels could potentially contribute to joint health.
Green-lipped mussels could potentially contribute to joint health.
Green-lipped mussels could potentially contribute to joint health.

In the world of pet ownership, there are countless health pitfalls, ailments, illnesses, viruses, and diseases that our beloved pets suffer from. When such conditions strike, the responsibility rests on the veterinarian and the pet owner to find solutions that will help the animal heal. Though there is no complete cure to eradicate arthritis entirely, pain medications exist that can help decrease a creature’s joint discomfort. Conventional medications are a viable option for treating arthritis, however one of the best ways to handle arthritis is through diet, as well as certain nutrients that offer medicinal benefits, called nutraceuticals. These come in the form of supplements which aid ailing joints and reduce the necessity of drugs and medicines.

Naturally Easing Arthritic Symptoms

Weight management: Because an overweight cat or dog will greatly increase pressure on his joints, losing weight is an important goal to prioritize with your pet. This is most successfully achieved through portion control and exercise. If walking or running distances proves painful unrealistic for your dog, consider lower-impact workouts such as swimming and stretching. Hydrotherapy is a good option for pets with weaker joints, and some recreational pet centers now offer yoga classes for dogs and cats to improve their mobility and circulation.

Healing from within: Though the loss of motion can be both a frustrating and painful process for a pet, there are ways in which their handler can protect them from further discomfort, and help ease their way via nutrition. There is no short-cut to a balanced diet. Animals that eat archetypal foods which are protein and antioxidant-rich, will experience noticeable health benefits. AVOID giving your pet processed foods that are full of fillers which actually harm and inhibit an animal’s natural ability to heal.

  • Nutraceuticals: Nutritious foods have a substantial effect on mobility. Simply improving the quality of food in your pet’s diet, will tackle the symptoms of arthritis head-on. Feed your pet fortifying products, including omega-3s, antioxidants, and various minerals. Two key nutraceuticals that have proven most effective in treating arthritis are: chondroitin which guards against enzymes that weaken cartilage, and glucosamine which has anti-inflammatory properties, and stimulates cartilage growth. Scientists have also found that green-lipped mussels also have restorative properties for joint health and should be given to arthritic patients.
  • Additional remedies: Some have found that regularly consuming fish oil, olive oil, mustard seed, sodium oxide dismutase (an anti-inflammatory antioxidant), turmeric, trace minerals, as well as bone broth, significantly help improve the symptoms of arthritis.


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