Famous Cartoons and Comics About Cats

Felix the Cat

In addition to being fantastic companions and darling pets, felines are also born comedians. Therefore it is no surprise that they have inspired artists, animators and filmmakers for ages, leaving us with some of the most entertaining comic strips, TV shows, books and films featuring felines. Below are a list of the 5 most famous cats that have graced our lives with their animated hilarity.

Krazy Kat

Krazy Kat: The “genderless” cat created by George Herriman over 100 years ago, is regarded as one of the most iconic and cutting-edge art forms of its era. The desert-dwelling cat spoke charming gibberish in his or her endless pursuit of Ignatz Mouse who seldom requites the affection! The comics ran successfully from 1913-1944, and was celebrated by both intellectuals and art enthusiasts for its ingenuity.

Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat: On the heels of Krazy Kat came Felix, the brainchild of Pat Sullivan, (though Otto Messmer was officially the primary animator of Sullivan’s character.) The first cartoon debuted in 1919 in the “Feline Follies” and he appeared off and on into the 1950’s. Decades later, DreamWorks Animation acquired the rights to Felix the Cat in 2014, so it may not be long before the beloved classic hits the big screen again.

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

Tom Cat: No cat cartoon list would be complete without the mention of Tom Cat from the hit “Tom and Jerry.” The first piece “Puss Gets the Boot” appeared in 1940, and the arch enemies have soared into animated stardom in the eternal games of cat-and-mouse ever since.

Sylvester the cat
Sylvester the cat

Sylvester: The charming canary Tweety Bird’s famous “I tot I taw a puddy tat” rings in familiarity for anyone who grew up watching the classic episodes from Looney Tunes. Friz Freleng first animated the sneaky and lisping cat Sylvester first in a short film called “Life With Feathers” in 1945. Sylvester has chased Tweety bird into thousands of hysterical scenarios that have established him solidly in American hearts.

Garfield the cat

Garfield: Finally, this cantankerous kitty is perhaps one of the most popular cartoon felines of them all. With his disaster-prone ways, complaining, and overall inexplicable grouchiness, Garfield’s outlook on life is bizarrely reflective and familiar. The classic character is neither charming nor lovable, yet the masses have enjoyed living vicariously through his ups, downs and crazy antics since 1978 when Jim Davis first introduced the tabby cat to the world.

Simon's Cat
Simon’s Cat

One Recent Notable Cat Comic:
Simon’s Cat:
Since 2009, Simon Tofield began animating stories of his gluttonous cat (loosely based on his actual kitty named Hugh) who is always looking for new ways to pilfer food from his owner. When the comics were published in a collection called Simon’s Cat in 2009, Walt Disney animation studios took notice, and began working with Tofield to create a series of short films featuring Simon’s Cat. Comic enthusiasts around the world have been highly entertained by Tofield’s insightful observations of endearing and frustrating feline behaviors.

Official website: Simon’s Cat

Other famous cartoon felines:
Fritz the Cat
The Aristocats
Bill the Cat
Bucky B. Kat
Cat in the Hat
Hello Kitty
Hobbes (from Calvin and Hobbes)


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