Just think, if you could put any inscription on that tag what would you choose?

Just think, if you could put any inscription on that tag what would you choose?

We always recommend that people not only microchip their pets, but that they put identification collars on them as well. Most ID tags include the pet’s name and the contact number of their owner.  But why not have a little fun and change up the standard look for a funky way to set your fur-baby apart? Hopefully, your pet will never need to use their ID tags, but at least your visitors and friends will get a kick out of it whenever they come around. Whether you have an inside-only kitty, or a large and adventurous dog, here are some great captions and inscriptions on the market to consider when you pick out some new tags!

“I am chipped. Have your people call my people: 555-1212” This one feel particularly appropriate in Los Angeles. Get the reps on it!

“So Lost. Bow WOW. Please call: 555-1212  The honesty is brilliant, and the info is all there for anyone lucky enough to find your forgetful dog.

“I’m a lover not a biter.  At least everyone will know where your pet stands, and they won’t be afraid to pet them!

“Feed me and tell me I am pretty. For those pets that like to hold out on you until they get goodies! This might be applicable for every cat breed that exists.

“Zombie Outbreak K9 UNIT Response Team. Yes, this exists. Zombies don’t.  But a dog with this tag will be taken very seriously (while entertaining all around him)!

“WARNING: (Insert name) May Leak Gas!  This is perfect for pups who are notorious for flatulence!

“This is my turf. Back off.  Maybe this isn’t the nicest way to greet a helpful stranger! But at least it is convenient for dogs that are allowed to wander large stretches of land and don’t need people constantly calling home to tell the owners about it.

“I live near this park. Please leave me alone.  This is a similar vein as the ID collar above, but not one we’d recommend using unless your dog is always “getting found” by overly helpful people in the area, when he might have just wandered off from where you are sitting at the other end of the park.

“If you find me wandering lonely as a cloud, call my parents they’ll be proud. 555-1212.”  This is a nice, poetic reference that is refreshingly different from the basic name and number tag! It might even strike up a nice conversation with whoever finds your dog and gives you a call.

“(Insert Dog Name). Destroyer of the Wold.  Some collars offer the alternative title: “Protector of the world.”  This allows your pup to wear his name badge and honorary title proudly!

“If I’m outside, my career as an escape artist is successful. This is a fun way to let someone know to call the number on the tag if your dog manages to get away.

“If you can read this, ROVER will lick you.  Can’t say you weren’t warned!