How to Prevent the Drool Pool


Excited Pit Bull Dog Running And DroolingSome people consider their puppy’s drool to be part of his charm. The big brown eyes, loose floppy lips and drippy drool just make him look so adorable. However, for the rest of us that reel away whenever our dogs leave a slimy patch on our clothes or furniture, the cuteness is short-lived and we are ready for a remedy.
One of the important first steps to solving the drool problem is to ensure that your dog does not have a mouth injury or health concern that may be causing him to salivate excessively. Review our list of potential causes for why dogs drool to see if your pet may have a medical reason for the overwhelming puddle-production. If none of those possibilities apply to your pup, then it’s time to take initiative and begin the battle against hyper-salivation.

Ways to prevent drool

Many dog-owners would agree, if you choose to own a dog breed that is known for drooling, then you simply have to take the bad with the good. Instead of going to extreme measures to stop what is a natural by-product of your puppy’s droopy lips, just keep some wipes with you and go about your business. However, for those that really can’t stand another soppy moment, here are some suggestions of how other dog owners have defeated the waterworks.

  • Remove the trigger: If your dog has an object in his mouth, or is drooling because of anxiety, simply remove whatever is causing the problem. Extract the item from his mouth, and comfort your pup by cuddling him in a quiet, stable environment on a regular basis.
  • Put on a bandana: Help catch the drips, and keep your dog’s neck drool-free by adorning him with a bandana. This will not only act as a bib to catch the slobber when he runs or munches food from his bowl, but also will give him a signature accessory to wear!
  • Stop the snacking: If you are accustomed to feeding your dog treats from the dinner table, you may be over-stimulating salivation. Rich, salty food and sauces are not the best things for a puppy palate. Even if he seems excited and grateful for the contributions, those scraps may be a partial cause for the drooling. Resist the urge to pass him juicy slices of BBQ from your dinner, and you will not only curb bad table manners, but you may decrease the drooling in the process.
  • Dog “Slobber Stopper” or the “Mouth-Diaper” for Dogs: No we are not making it up, mouth diapers for dogs do indeed exist. The diapers are surrounded by heated controversy from those that believe it is degrading and limiting for dogs to wear such restraints. The diaper functions as a wrap that winds around the dog’s face and mouth, which will stop the drool from collecting in the corner of the dog’s mouth and lips.
    One difficulty that could arise from using this kind of product, is that it limits dogs from being able to pant when they are overheated. In some breeds, this could result in a heat stroke. However, one could also make the argument that dogs who have struggled with incessant barking or biting, often don muzzles to help them desist. The “Slobber Stopper” functions the same way, while providing a bit more comfort and padding.
  • Motion sickness medication:  Dogs that frequently travel in cars or on buses with their owner (such as guide or service pets) sometimes feel queasiness that causes drooling. Though taking medication to calm the nausea from motion sickness might not be the most advisable option, some have found it to be helpful with the drooling.
  • Surgery:  On occasions where the problem of hyper salivation greatly interrupts a dog’s ability to live and move freely, or is particularly frustrating to the pet owner, some have opted for surgery that will help limited the canine’s salivary glands. There are usually two kinds of surgeries that will decrease the amount of drool emitting from your pup: the most common kind of surgery will simply remove some of the excess skin around the dog’s mouth that causes pockets to accumulate liquid. The second surgery option will fold the sagging lip into the upper jaw, which changes the shape of the mouth and the potential avenues for drool to escape.

If none of the above options appeal to you, you can always take the simplest of preventative measures, and carry cleansing pads for your dog. By wiping away the drool from his mouth before it has a chance to drip, or setting out paper towels around his food and water bowl, you might be able to quickly clean your dog’s drool without much effort!


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