How to Stop Your Puppy From Crying At Night

A comfy place next to your bed can do wonders for a new puppy.
A comfy place next to your bed can do wonders for a new puppy.
A comfy place next to your bed can do wonders for a new puppy.

Your new furry buddy is just a blast to be around all day, but the nights have started to pose a problem. Whenever you settle the small pooch in his cozy bed, he whimpers, whines and even howls for hours. This could be because he feels insecure, frightened, or is merely trying to settle into life without his mother and siblings close by. In order to save your sanity and get some sleep, here are some helpful hints about how to cease the nightly separation anxiety fits.

Tips to Help Your Puppy to Stop Crying

  • Be strategic with the hours before. Don’t let the dog have access to any additional food or water an hour or two before bedtime, or the pup might cry for you to let him out a few times in the middle of the night. As night wears on, the pup might go look for a snack as a comfort for the anxiety he feels, which will increase weight gain, perhaps give him an upset tummy, or may necessitate an extra trip to the backyard.
  • Avoid mid-day nap-time. For the first few weeks while your dog is adjusting to his new living situation, try to keep him actively employed around the house. Invent games, play with toys, go on walks, and stay awake as long as you can. The less he sleeps or naps during the day, the more likely your pup will be to snooze through the evening hours. And the more exercise the dog has, the deeper his slumber will be!
  • Use music and soothing sounds. Sometimes it is the outside noises that drive the puppy into a panic. If he was adopted from a rural breeder, or is unfamiliar with city noises, or sounds that occur at night, he might need some audio distracting. Stress levels are significantly decreased when music is played around both infants and young animals. Put on some low volume, soft music, lullabies, or a white-noise machines to do the trick.
  • Set up the dog bed close by. Do not make the mistake of sleeping with your dog on your bed. This will make training him to stay off the bed very difficult in the future. It also shows a level of equality that is important to avoid. You are the pack leader, and your dog needs to understand that he is ranked below you. Situate the puppy bed in a corner of your room, so he feels comforted and close without learning any bad habits.


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